Unsere Nachhaltigen und CO2-neutralen Pflanzentöpfe

Your contribution to a more sustainable world: Our CO2-neutral pots

In times of increasing environmental awareness, we have made it our mission to create environmentally friendly pots. These not only offer a comfortable home for your plants, but also make a clear statement for a conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle. With every pot we produce, our pursuit of a more sustainable future is manifested.
Be inspired by our mission and learn how you as a customer can be a key player on this green stage:

The decision to use PLA (polylactide) as the main material for our pots was a first step towards environmentally conscious production. PLA is a biodegradable plastic made from renewable raw materials such as corn and sugar cane. With PLA we manage to create aesthetically pleasing and functional pots while minimizing the environmental footprint.

We source the PLA from a trustworthy local partner who stands for sustainable material quality. Through this collaboration, we obtain a material that enables an ideal balance between environmental sustainability, quality and functionality. The material is CO2-neutral because the plants absorb more CO2 during their growth than is later released when the material is burned.

Another important step was the introduction of additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. This innovative technology allows us to develop sustainable and aesthetically pleasing pots that are not only robust and durable, but can also be manufactured with minimal material losses and in an efficient production process.

But our commitment to the environment goes even further. We rely on green electricity in our production facilities and prefer short delivery routes in order to further reduce our CO2 emissions. We are proud that our products are certified according to DIN EN 13432, DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001. These certificates demonstrate our commitment to quality, environmental management and the biodegradability of our pots.

When you purchase one of our pots, you become part of a community committed to protecting the environment and play a key role in our pursuit of a more sustainable future. With every pot you purchase, you not only support our green mission, but also make a personal statement for a more conscious way of life.

Our pots are more than just plant containers; they are an expression of a harmonious coexistence between people and nature. With every purchase, you support a community that is choosing a more conscious lifestyle, contribute to a more sustainable world and become part of a green movement that is changing the world one pot at a time.

Together we are setting an example for a green future and invite you to become part of this exciting sustainability mission that extends far beyond the present. Our pots are a promise to the next generation, and you are the actor in this green mission aimed at making our world a better place.

Discover our sustainable pots now and set an example for a green future!

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